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Bioeffectives – Natures powerful healing and performance extracts

Here you will find the entire range of Bioeffectives – these outstanding range of pine needle extracts are derived from three Russian pine tree species. The extracts have been extensively researched in the former Soviet Union and Russia for over 70 years and have been found to have potent healing, whole health properties and are used in creating Athletic Performance Supplements. We recommend you read the fascinating story of the history and development of the Bioeffective family of products. In short, the products we offer have been extracted from ‘natures toughest trees’ using patented technology.

The pine species selected are subjected to extremes in environmental conditions and have developed properties that have ensured their survival and ability to thrive in these conditions over 1.5 million years in evolutionary terms. The chemical compounds that give each species these amazing properties are highly bioavailable in human systems yielding fantastic medicinal and health giving results. Find out more on the benefits of Natural Athletic Performance Supplements – from Pineneedle Products!

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Taiga. Siberian Red (Bottle 200ml)


Taiga. Siberian Red (2 x Bottle 200ml)


Bio A & Siberian Red (pack)


Bioeffective A 320 (60 Capsules)


Bioeffective A 320 Pack (60 Capsules x 3)


Bioeffective Gel (with Bioeffective A)



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